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Introduction and use of twin neck bottles

Introduction and use of twin neck bottles

Usually, the twin neck bottle is called double neck bottle, twin neck dosing bottle or twin neck measuring bottle.

What is twin neck bottles

BN packaging shaped plastic bottles are intended to get single or double liquid neck using a molded-in tubing which allows liquids to be blended in before pouring. Common in the pharmaceutical sector and compound liquid software once the goods will need to be split during transport and blended to trigger it has complete effectiveness right until it had been implemented.

BN packaging dispenser bottle may provide up to 40 doses of merchandise, saving the manufacturing, filling, and supply of 39 standard plastic bottles.

These exceptional twin neck bottles have a massive section for your principal liquid which it is possible to squeeze into a smaller part for simple measurement. But you might choose to utilize different cap colours to be certain that your customer easily sees the gap. We take these twin neck dosing bottles to you in a variety of sizes to suit a vast array of requirements. Do not forget to bring a tag, and possibly one which clearly describes to your consumer how this revolutionary, unique bottle works.

Twin neck dosing bottles feature

  • Substantial apartment labelling and print area
  • Container sizes accessible 100ml to 1.3 litres
  • Dispensing room sizes from 5ml upward
  • Child resistant caps

How to use twin neck bottles

Double neck bottles is a fresh kind of packaging for liquid medication, anti-inflammatory, and nutrient solution. In the contour, we could look that there are just two necks on the bottle, and there are scales on the throat chambers. Naturally, a lot of people can doubt that why you will find just two caps, and how do we use?

The room cap is then eliminated allowing the quantified amount to be dispersed effortlessly from the room. Spillage of poisonous substances is averted as well as the container overcomes the standard two-handed filling of fluids into another measuring cap.

Obviously, the exceptional design is much more
precise and convenient for consumers. And we discuss the use of this double neck bottle?

To begin with, examine the bbottle obviously, you’ll discover that there are just two neck, 1 neck room with scales, and yet another.

Secondly, you merely open the cap chamber together with scales, and squeeze the bottle with your palms, the liquid will enter the room necks with scales, so you can be based on your own desire to control the quantity.

Third, pour the liquid out you’ve just controlled.

We are happy to provide you with free twin neck bottle samples for your compatibility testing. Please contact us if needed.

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