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Vaccine Bottles

Vaccine Bottles

  • Capacity & Colors & Height & Diameter: customized
  • Materials: PP or PE
  • High temperature and pressure sterilize.
  • Produced in GMP standard sterile workshop
  • Certificate: DMF, CE, SGS, ISO
  • Cap: rubber stopper


plastic vaccine bottles manufacturers supply various sizes plastic vaccine bottles

Sterile Vaccine Bottles

Sterile Vaccine Bottles Can Be Found from 10ml to 1000ml.

These sterile chemical bottles are pre-sealed and sterile (autoclave) using a rubber bung at the neck of this bottle, exactly like you would typically see using a naturally-occurring vaccine or alternative medicine delivered this manner.

The bottles have a 20 Millimeter cap, and may, therefore, be utilized on all our Assortment of bottle bracket vaccinators, together with the quickly fit attachments.

Empty Vaccine Bottle. Requires a Fold-Over Stopper

Fantastic for Mixing Vaccines, or utilizing vaccines at a bigger, more convenient bottle.

Plastic Injection Vaccine Bottles

The plastic vials can be broken into two part, one is that autoclaved vaccine bottle, yet another is the fact that COP vials, that may also be referred to as an injection solution bottle. Xinfuda since the maker of plastic injection vial, that has created pharmaceutical&behavioral packaging for more than 16 decades. Xinfuda can offer client layout and big volume for a brief moment.

Plastic bottle for injection mostly made from PP and PE, veterinary plastic vials may be utilized in medication packaging without cleaning and drying, that include high resistance, lightweight, unbreakable bottle, handy shipping, and excellent sealing.

In comparison with a glass bottle, the plastic bottle for injection has significant attributes:

To begin with, vaccine bottle so as to be sure the medication from the period of validity of being changed with moist be changed with moist, metamorphism, veterinary plastic has great sealing and resistance, permeability, can avert light, warmth, water vapor, and oxygen onto the influence of medication.

Secondly, replicas of this liner of this direct contact with medications, bottle making substances need to conform to the demands of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, to guarantee the protection of the medication.

Third, the plastic bottle for injection contour, structure and sizes ought to be accommodated to the pharmaceutical businesses of different filler loading petition, to fulfill the needs of the high-speed automatic machine.

PP Autoclaved Injection Vaccine Bottle Producer with FDA

PP autoclaved injection vaccine bottle made mainly using injection blowing and pile manufacturing procedure in Xinfuda maker, on account of its high quality and stability of PP material, vaccine bottle with depth body along with the uniform wall. Following the filling together with sterile for high-temperature autoclave, which may comprise the form of a vaccine bottle and without response with liquid medication. Thus autoclaved vaccine injection bottle has a significant role in the firmness of the liquid medication.

Sterilization features:

The sterile means of large temperature autoclave layouts such as the boiling point of water increases with the rise of vapor pressure. After the steam pressure reaches a specific degree, the warmth of this water vapor increases to 121 °C for 15 to 30 minutes, that’s the most reliable and also the most frequently used physiological sterilization approach.


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