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Twin Neck Bottles

Twin Neck Bottles

  • Capacity & Colors & Shape: customized
  • Material: PE, PET, PP
  • Moistureproof cap, without aluminum foil sealing
  • Medical grade materials and produced in GMP workshop
  • Certificate: DMF CE SFDA ISO


Plastic Twin Neck Bottles

Plastic Twin Neck Bottles (also Called Double Neck Bottles) Permit for Double controlled dispensing. Every Twin Neck Bottle includes another room designed to remove extra measuring by supplying a precise pour each time.

Twin neck dosing bottle is containers using two bottles along with two nostrils. The neck is normally the exact same size. They are often used for gasoline products, additives or fertilizers which require diluting. They are made from heavy-duty plastic to boost chemical resistance and come in many different abilities, shapes, and sizes.

Double neck bottles create dosing and dispensing easy and convenient! With only a flip side, users may measure and measure easily. Our bottles can be found in the two single-neck and twin-neck fashions. If you are handling targets in a laboratory, kitchen, or industrial setting, these bottles are a terrific alternative for reducing clogs and measuring the ideal amount, each moment.

By squeezing the bottle, users may fill out the dosing chamber to exact dimensions without the chance of leakage. Once satisfied, remove the bottle cap and then distribute! This layout is simple but powerful.

These bottles are acceptable for agricultural, industrial, and animal care products. Please notice two caps are wanted for every double neck bottle. Whatever use you need, we have got the bottle that will fulfill your wants.


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