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Effervescent Tablet Tubes

Effervescent Tablet Tubes

  • Height: 84mm,99mm,96mm,133mm,144mm; Bottom Diameter: 29mm,38mm; Cap Diameter: 34mm,43mm
  • Desiccant Weight: 2.1g,3.9g; Tube Weight: 9.5g,9.5g,12.3g,10g,12g
  • Material: PE, PET, PP
  • Printing, Color, Logo can be customized
  • Certificate: DMF CE SFDA ISO


Effervescent tablet tubes packaging from BN packaging

Our effervescent tablet tubes are created to safeguard pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products in moisture, light, and breakage. The effervescent tubes and desiccant caps which we provide are made from polypropylene (PP) and are created with extreme intricacy and attention. These are user-friendly appealing designs and will come in a number of sizes.

These additionally comply with significant EU/EC standards for vinyl packing materials which come in contact with food.

We can supply effervescent tubes and desiccant caps with numerous kinds of decoration like shrink sleeving, heat transport labeling in addition to offset printing. Together with photorealistic printing of numerous colors and metallic Results


  • The effervescent packaging is Non-toxic and resistant to microbiological attack.
  • The effervescent packaging shields the effervescent tablet in moisture, light, and breakage.
  • The effervescent packaging is client friendly and best for everyday usage.
  • The effervescent packaging includes many different decoration choices to offer you an attractive packaging choice, thus boosting your brand worth.

No other manufacturer can give you this assortment of system solutions using different decorating techniques like counter HD or In Mould Labeling: by the tiniest Flip Away closures with brief tubes through to extended tubes and closures with seal diameters of approx. 36 mm. Our products fulfill the regulatory needs of the pharmaceutical or food sector.

The brand new packaging creation for effervescent tablets

We aren’t resting on our laurels: BN is always creating the product scope and establishing new standards. BN delivers the new packaging creation for effervescent tablets, using more design choices and the maximum security and versatility — so your goods catch on with customers and stick out in the point of sale.

The BN system alternatives unite two critical advantages: optimum moisture adsorption and the perfect quantity of silica gel or molecular sieves — regardless of where climate zone you’re operating. The BN hard/soft principle guarantees that an optimum link of tubes and closures, leading to 100% grip and superb tightness.

Our support for the effervescent packaging

Humidity permeating to the packaging may lead to compressed and film-coated pills to dissolve prematurely, become stained, lose their effectiveness or create undesirable scents.

Desiccants or activated carbon avoid these issues and improve product security from the very first to the last pill. We’ve bundled our experience and quality in detailed support.

To urge the perfect amount and variety of desiccant, we carry all appropriate moisture ingress variables into consideration. We work with actual product information to come up with your customized desiccant solution, which implies cost-effectiveness and preserves the essential shelf-life.


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