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Effervescent tablet packaging tubes make portable for consumers

Effervescent tablet packaging tubes make portable for consumers

Traditional simplicity or bright and bright. Your following effervescent tablet packaging kind could, as an Example, be:

A traditional tube using a sterile stopper or
reliable quality CSP tubes with integrated desiccant from the walls along with an attached stopper

Effervescent tablet Packaging types

The amount of effervescent tablets at the effervescent tablet tube may be varied to fit your requirements.

As standard, as an instance, we provide capsules of 10, 15 or even 20 contraceptive pills in various diameters.

Additionally, unique secondary packaging can be available for effervescent tablets, such as side-sealed totes, pocket packs and specific trays.

Concerning effervescent tablet packaging design, we’re totally focused on what our clients desire.

The client selects the colors for stoppers and tubes to its effervescent tablets and has free rein in relation to printing and design layout.

Offset and letterset printing fetch the pictures on the tubes .

This technology enables our providers to operate up to 8 colors to first-class printing criteria.

We’d be very happy to provide you the advantage of our expertise for a manufacturer.

Give more surprise with the effervescent tablet Packaging

Give your clients brand recognition in POS and much more fresh identification

  • Modern design communicates your brand message onto the tube to get effervescent tablets

Give your clients more customer security

  • Greater user-friendliness thanks to much more info in the Exact Same space
  • Effect – and scratch-resistant decoration
  • Very Good readability with bigger font size

Provide your clients more premium quality

  • Photorealistic printing to get more value and recognition
  • Up to 8 colours, metallic Outcomes
  • Different surface constructions

Our Service to the effervescent tablet packaging

Humidity permeating to the effervescent tablet packaging may cause compacted and film-coated pills to dissolve prematurely, become stained, lose their effectiveness or create undesirable scents.

Desiccants or activated carbon avoid these issues and improve product security from the very first to the last pill. We’ve bundled our experience and quality in a comprehensive support:

To urge the perfect amount and variety of desiccant, we consider all appropriate moisture ingress variables into consideration. We work with actual product information to come up with your customized desiccant solution, which implies cost-effectiveness and preserves the essential shelf-life. Trust from the moisture absorber from BN.

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